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Stanford GSB: View From The Top

Prominent leaders from around the world join MBA students for a conversation on effective leadership, core values, and lessons learned throughout their career. View From The Top, the podcast, is based on the dean’s speaker series at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Grit & Growth

Meet intrepid entrepreneurs from Africa and South Asia, hear their stories of trial & triumph, and gain insights and guidance from Stanford University faculty and global business experts on how to transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.  From securing investment and planning family succession, to mindful leadership and managing in adversity, you’ll learn firsthand from entrepreneurs and experts on how to develop the grit you need to grow your business — in times of crisis and calm.

Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques

Whether you’re giving a toast or presenting in a meeting, communication is critical to success in business and in life. Join Matt Abrahams, a lecturer of Strategic Communication at Stanford Graduate School of Business, as he sits down with experts in the field to discuss real-world challenges. How do I send my message clearly when put on the spot? How do I write emails to get my point across? How can I easily convey complex information? How do I manage my reputation?  Think Fast, Talk Smart provides the tools, techniques, and best practices to help you communicate more effectively.

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